Bangkok, clean the Khao San Road and nearby areas after the Songkran Festival, 2019


Bangkok, clean the Khao San Road and nearby areas after the Songkran Festival, 2019
Mrs. Wiparat Chaiyanukij Deputy Permanent Secretary for Bangkok, Presided over the activity of Big Cleaning, led the team of Phra Nakhon District staff and the Environment Agency clean the Khao San Road and the surrounding area. After the Songkran festival, 2019 consisting of Khao San Road, Tanao Road, Chakkraphong Road, Krai Si Road, Tani Road, Thirteen Road, Rambuttri Road and 13 Banglamphu Department Stores although the area is not a space for Songkran festival just as in the past. But there are still many people and tourists playing water splashing during the Songkran festival. After completing the Songkran Festival in Khao San Road area which is the responsibility of Phra Nakhon District there will be cleaning operations on the sidewalk and on the road surface in 2 main routes and 4 sub-alley routes. During the Songkran Festival, the past 13 – 15 April, Phra Nakhon district can collect 70.27 tons of garbage. The amount of waste this year has decreased compared to the previous year. But it is worth noting that there are a lot of liquor bottles and beer cans but the amount overall of garbage in the decreased. The water used to wash the road this year Bangkok uses 150,000 liters of water, which is less than the 2018 water consumption of 174,000 liters. Water used to wash the road is water from the Bangkok sewage treatment plant itself. Normally, Bangkok performs daily road washing today it will be a big clean again after the end of the Songkran Festival in order to achieve.
In the year 2019, garbage in the area of Khao San Road, Banglumpoo and continuous areas By the amount of garbage collection for 3 days between 13-15 April 2019, the amount of 70.27 tons, 2018, 77.15 tons for the amount of water used to wash the road(from Bangkok Wastewater Treatment Plant). On April 13, use the amount of water to clean the road is 9 trips (54,000 liters) from the previous year on the same day, used 7 trips (42,000 liters) on April 14 and 15, use water to wash the streets is 8 trips (48,000 liters). In addition, the staff has arranged to sweep and collect garbage 3 times a day, 24 hours around 90-120 people each time.

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